Elliot Meyerowitz
Center Principal Investigator
Professor, Biology & Bio Engineering
Investigator, HHMI

Alexandre Cunha
Center Director
Senior Computational Biologist

Mathieu Desbrun
Member of Advisory Committee
Professor, Computing & Math Sciences

Eric Mjolsness
Member of Advisory Committee
Professor, Computer Science
University of California Irvine

George Djorgovski
Member of Advisory Committee
Professor, Astronomy
Director, CD3

Tracy Sheffer
Administrative Assistant

Students and postdocs that have worked at the center:

Maud O'Connor
Summer High School student
Data annotation and consensus creation for written characters

Now at Occidental College, Los Angeles

Galen Gao
Caltech BioEng SURF student
Spot detection on RNA, DNA images

Research Fellow at NIH

Anant Desai
Caltech EE SURF student
Quality segmentation fusion

Software Engineer at Nuro

Johannes Stegmaier
Visiting postdoc, Germany
Spot detection and deep learning segmentation of plant images

Interim Professor, RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Thiago V. Spina
Visiting CS Postdoc, Unicamp BR
Interactive 3D cell image segmentation and visualization

Sr. Research Software Eng., Microsoft

Seyed Sajjadi
SURF CS student, from CSUN
Deep learning cell segmentation

Founder and CEO nFlux AI

Rohan C. Choudhury
Caltech CS SURF student
Deep learning cell segmentation

Software Engineer at Nuro

Fidel A.G. Pena
Visiting Special CS PhD student, UFPE BR
Deep learning cell segmentation

Postdoc Fellow at ETS Montreal, Canada