Current projects at CAMBIA are:

Chromatin conformation in DNA FISH - Stathopoulos lab

The image processing challenge here is to identify the locations of CRMs and then create ways to compare their relative positions. We want to detect as many spots as possible so to reduce the quantity of image acquisition required to obtain sound statistics but with the caveat that much noise and other aberrations are present in the image stacks which may lead to faulty spots.

HIV spread throughout lymphoid tissue - Bjork lab

Meristem 3D reconstruction - Meyerowitz lab

The goal of this project is to automatically or semi-automatically construct a computational representation of the shoot apical meristem of the Arabidopsis thaliana plant so one can quantify signal distribution and intensity over space and time, and be able to do computer simulations of cell and tissue growth.

Collaborative segmentation - Cambia

Interactive image segmentation has shown to overcome many difficulties inherent in fully automatic image segmentation where results are sub-optimal. Combining user clues to drive the segmentation can lead to superior results in many cases. We are developing a collaborative segmentation web tool with a multitute of interactive segmentation algorithms.